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Valuable Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

Work from home jobs are increasingly becoming quite popular these days because of the unlimited freedom and flexibility they offer. However, one must keep in mind that working at home means needing to create a balance between managing family life and fulfilling work commitments. And the best way to achieve this is to create your […]

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Simple Tips On How To Drastically Reduce Office Printing Costs

Businesses these days are struggling to stretch their office budgets like never before. With the rising prices of merchandise and office commodities, cost-saving measures need to be undertaken if you want your business to stay afloat at these times. One significant expense you might want to look into is on printing costs. Printing is a […]

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Why Recycled Thermal Paper should be used

It is because of the careless utilization of natural resources in industries and business across the world, that we are being victim of a global catastrophe that hovers in the form of global warming and other natural calamity. Among many other resources, it is the trees that have been used abnormally for different industrial purposes […]

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Familiarizing Yourself With The Different Types of Printer Ribbons

From the time when the first typewriters were created and mass produced, printer ribbons had always been an essential component of every office supply stockroom. Come to think of it, the typewriter is probably the first ever printer used in businesses of the olden days. It is from this revolutionary office machine where modern day […]

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Fundamental POS Supplies Every Business Should Keep

A point-of-sale system (POS) is an essential component of any retail enterprise; in fact, corporate personalities often refer to a POS as the brain of any business. Point of sale systems extend beyond just your credit card machine or your cash register, as they were once traditionally used. Recent versions of POS systems can actually […]

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Printer Ribbons for Use in Office, Business and Industry

Printer ribbons have evolved from the popular typewriter ribbons. One of the popular office devices that utilize printer ribbons is the dot matrix printer. Until recently, dot-matrix printers were popular in offices and businesses throughout the world. Despite the fact that the popularity of laser printers and inkjet printers has witnessed the decrease in the […]

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Printer Ribbons – Still around for your dot matrix printer

If you think that the age of dot matrix printers is over, then perhaps you need to wait a little longer. There are still many areas of the industry where dot matrix printers are not only alive, but are thriving there. However, it can be quite a confession that dot matrix printers are not much […]

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