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Thermal Paper Rolls – Understanding Thermal Paper Sensitivity

When purchasing thermal paper rolls for your retail business, thermal paper sensitivity is one important point to consider. It helps to be familiar with the factors affecting thermal paper to be sure you are making the right choice for your particular application. Thermal paper sensitivity Thermal paper sensitivity is simply the degree to which thermal […]

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POS Hardware – Choosing The Right Cash Drawer

When selecting POS hardware for your point of sale system, special attention should be exercised in your choice of a cash drawer. The cash drawer opens and closes every time you ring up a sale so it gets much of the beating compared to all other components of your POS system. Cash drawers are available […]

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Understanding The Different Types Of POS Receipt Printers

Practically all retail businesses these days use point-of-sale or POS receipt printers to print out their day to day sales transactions. POS receipt printers receive data using software application via a cable interface when connected to a computer. Data transferred from a computer system is interpreted using a POS printer device driver and the resulting […]

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Simple Tips On How To Drastically Reduce Office Printing Costs

Businesses these days are struggling to stretch their office budgets like never before. With the rising prices of merchandise and office commodities, cost-saving measures need to be undertaken if you want your business to stay afloat at these times. One significant expense you might want to look into is on printing costs. Printing is a […]

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Wireless Credit Card Processing: Stepping Up Your Retail Business

Day-to-day business operations in this era need to be flexible and versatile. Quick response time is an essential factor that matters to most consumers, and this is one reason why credit card processing has stepped up a notch to include wireless or mobile operations. Even where there are no phone lines available, wireless credit card […]

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Why Recycled Thermal Paper should be used

It is because of the careless utilization of natural resources in industries and business across the world, that we are being victim of a global catastrophe that hovers in the form of global warming and other natural calamity. Among many other resources, it is the trees that have been used abnormally for different industrial purposes […]

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A Few Good Reasons Why Small Businesses Can Benefit From Thermal Paper Use

Whether you’re setting up a new business or upgrading one, you will need to make crucial choices when it comes to outfitting a retail establishment, pastry shop, convenience store or any other enterprise of that sort. Among these is the selection of the type of point of sale system that can optimize your business operations […]

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Quality Products and Services from World Renowned Contract Manufacturer

When looking for a supplier of Thermal Paper for Point-of-Sale, it is important to look for a corporation with years of experience.  This will ensure that you get quality products that will deliver the results that you want.  POSPaper.com is a leading international contract paper manufacturer and distributor with an established network of paper mills […]

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Get overwhelming Gratification with Quality Ply bond Paper rolls

Ply bond paper Rolls are the most classic products produced and distributed by POSPaper.com. These papers have established a brand loyalty among its users. The papers have quality that many users adore for their outstanding quality. These papers have been used by many homeowners and companies to produce quality prints. Ply bond Paper rolls are […]

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POS Printers – For a Smooth POS Operation

If you are wondering what POS printers are, they are the petite sized printers that a placed at the checkout desks of retail and convenience stores that print out your receipt using thermal paper. POS printers are a part of the POS system that uses computers and other hardware to process information and print receipts […]

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