A Range Of Practical Uses For Butcher Paper

Butcher paper, also known as kraft paper, is a type of crude, hard-wearing paper which was originally used by butchers and fish vendors to wrap their merchandise. These days, butcher paper is widely used by artists and crafters as its sturdy construction makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of art and craft works.

How Butcher Paper is Made

Butcher paper is produced through a pulping method known as the kraft process. The word “kraft” is a German term meaning “strength” and wood used for butcher paper is pulped in such a way that it retains cellulose to come up with a stronger type of paper. Much of the wood fiber remains intact and the pulp is rather coarse and grainy, which explain why standard butcher paper comes in a classic brown color.

Butcher paper can be bleached and dyed, and modern day butchers in fact use white butcher paper to wrap their meat products for a cleaner and more sanitary look. To handle the moisture and resist leaks, this type of butcher paper is usually oiled or waxed.

On the other hand, colored butcher paper used for arts and crafts is never waxed. Wax creates some form of resistance and makes drawing and painting on butcher paper difficult. Butcher paper is rather quite affordable and easy to work with, so you will actually see butcher paper rolls in schools, art departments and design companies.

Other Uses for Butcher Paper

Apart from being used for arts, crafts, food packaging and preservation, butcher paper is quite a helpful tool to keep in the home and office. Oiled butcher paper does a very good job in protecting tabletops and other surfaces from mess and spills, so it’s really a practical idea to have a small roll in your pantry or storeroom for craft works and other projects.

Plain butcher paper or kraft paper is also widely used as wrapping material for shipping parcels through mail. Colored butcher paper on the other hand, makes a great alternative to expensive gift paper, especially when wrapping large presents.

How Butcher Paper is Sold

Butcher paper is sold by the roll for the most part, although you can also purchase butcher paper sheets in various sizes. Rolls likewise vary in size and thickness and you may also purchase butcher paper dispensers for easier cutting and handling. A sturdy bar holds the butcher paper roll in place and the dispenser comes with a blunt jagged edge used to tear off your desired sheet size. You may choose from horizontal and vertical dispensers designed to handle different butcher paper roll sizes. Vertical paper dispensers also come in either single-roll or double-roll racks.

Butcher paper can be purchased from art supplies stores, although you’ll have more luck buying butcher paper and butcher paper dispensers from a reliable paper or pos supplies company.

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