Reasons of selecting crayon color for kids

Human being on the whole is very imaginary. They love to imagine in fact some time imagination is really far better than truth. But still all of us love to imagine all kinds of genders man, woman and children like to imagine about various things.  And two activities that help the child to improve their imagination power are playing inside the home that the child most likely to do apart from watching their favorite cartoon  or any kind of video games and that activities are playing indoor games like monopoly , scrabble , snakes and leader or using the drawing  book to draw and then color the picture.

Children love to draw and color the picture:

In fact drawing book able to provide a very wide space for children and also provide to them the perfect platform to fulfill and wish whatever their paint and whatever they’re like because in a child picture never care about the world and they certainly not create a picture for any exhibition  purpose but they create any picture only because of self pleasure and one thing is certain that every picture of the child is very innocent.

Various color options and why crayon is the best option:

There are many color that is available for child to paint like sketch pen, water colors , pencil color but crayons is one most popular type of color for children because if parents give water color to child there is a threat to spill on the floor and as a result it will  dirt the floor and if child is provided with pencil color then there is a chance that they might use a pencil more on a sharpener then on a actually using on a paper and sketch too is dangerous as color paint with sketch pen  might come out of picture and also that some time child color on one page and other page is also colored without using single color that is not like by child as his hard work goes to vain. That is why crayon color is perfect for kid because it help the child to color any picture without worrying above given points.

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