POS Hardware – Choosing The Right Cash Drawer

When selecting POS hardware for your point of sale system, special attention should be exercised in your choice of a cash drawer. The cash drawer opens and closes every time you ring up a sale so it gets much of the beating compared to all other components of your POS system.

Cash drawers are available in plastic or thin and heavy metal. Obviously, the heavy metal type is more hard-wearing and difficult to break through. Look for other factors that add up to the reliability of the drawer such as durable construction, solid tracks and slide wheels, as well as good quality release mechanisms.

Size of Cash Drawers

While price is always a major consideration when choosing your cash drawer, size is also of equal importance. The amount of counter space you have plays an important role here, so most retail establishments customarily choose POS hardware prior to the construction of check-out counters.

Cash drawers can either be placed on top or underneath the counter. You will need to drill holes for wiring in case you choose to place you cash drawer underneath. On the other hand, if you prefer a cash drawer on your counter, you should choose one that’s large enough to have the POS keyboard, monitor and printer on top of it.

Cash drawers from 2 to 4 inches high are available in widths of 11 to 20 inches and depths of 12 to 24 inches.

Following these, you may then choose from a load of other features such as locks, media slots, and bill and coin tray inserts.


While most cash drawers come with locks, some of them don’t. It is best that you opt for one with a lock so you can secure your drawer at the end of the day. Furthermore, drawers that come with locks may be opened in case of a power failure.

Media Slots

Cash drawers come with or without media slots. Since most retail businesses these days accept check and credit card payments, it is advisable to choose a drawer with media slots so you’ll be able to slip in checks and credit card receipts without necessarily exposing your cash collection.

Tray Inserts

Bill and coin trays come in various types, some with just three or four coin trays and some having as much as eight to ten separate sections. Determine your product pricing to see if you’ll need more sections so you don’t get to mix the coins and bills. You’ll also need extra space for coupons or rolled coins.

Cash drawers are available from POS suppliers who will be able to supply you with other POS hardware including POS computers, POS printers, POS monitors and customer displays.

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