Thermal Paper Rolls – Understanding Thermal Paper Sensitivity

When purchasing thermal paper rolls for your retail business, thermal paper sensitivity is one important point to consider. It helps to be familiar with the factors affecting thermal paper to be sure you are making the right choice for your particular application.

Thermal paper sensitivity

Thermal paper sensitivity is simply the degree to which thermal paper reacts to heat, both from the thermal POS printer and the external environment. Thermal paper with higher sensitivity will generally produce a better image than one which comes with lower sensitivity even with less heat and energy. So if you need to print rich and dark images, you will need high sensitivity thermal paper. On the contrary, if you’re generally printing text or if your images don’t need to be as crisp, a low sensitivity thermal paper type should suffice.

Dynamic sensitivity

The dynamic sensitivity of thermal paper also affects how fast certain thermal printers are able to operate and create printed output. As a rule, the higher the dynamic sensitivity of thermal paper, the faster a thermal printer is able to run.

Static sensitivity

Then there’s also thermal paper static sensitivity which refers to how thermal paper reacts to high temperature, UV exposure and other similar adverse environmental circumstances. To ensure that thermal paper will not image on account of heat from the atmosphere or from any other external source, it is best to select a lower static sensitive type of thermal paper. A better option would be to choose top coated thermal paper rolls to be sure you don’t get any unnecessary background development while creating the desired printed output on thermal paper.

Thermal paper sensitivity in different POS applications

All things considered, choosing the right type of thermal paper for a particular application entails a thorough consideration of the thermal printer in use, the type of output that is expected and the environmental condition in which it will be used.

Most retail business applications fare well with standard grade, low sensitivity thermal paper rolls which are ideal for average speed POS printers. This type of thermal paper roll is recommended for standard POS receipts, grocery scale labels and distribution or logistic labels.

Specialized applications on the other hand will likely need high sensitivity thermal paper to create the desired output. These include bar code printing, thermal tickets and ATM receipts which normally use high speed printing.

Approximately eighty to ninety percent of retail business applications work with standard grade thermal paper rolls which are widely available from POS supplies wholesalers and retailers. If you’re not too sure about what your particular application requires, it is advisable that you speak with your POS supplier to make the proper selection.

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