Basic Sausage Making Equipment And Supplies

Processed meat products are among the fastest selling items in supermarket chillers and shelves, but for those have a finer taste for food, specially prepared foodstuff sold at a deli shop will appeal more to the palate.

The term ‘deli’ is short for delicatessen which literally means ‘fine foods’. Nowadays, it is often used to refer to the store where these types of fine foods are sold, hence the term ‘delicatessen store’ or simply a ‘deli shop’.

Sausages are among the most popular deli food items, so if you’re thinking of making deli sausages as a hobby or a small business, it will help you to understand a bit about meat processing and the special equipment used for sausage making.

Sausage making then and now

Meat processing most likely started when man first discovered salt as an effective preservative. Sausage making then evolved from this discovery in an effort to preserve and store processed meat that cannot be consumed all at once.

Sausage makers of the olden days primarily used organ meats, animal carcass parts and even blood, as these could not be consumed in any other way. These days however, prime meat parts are added to these other meat ingredients to improve the texture and consistency of the sausages. Over the centuries, sausage recipes have continually been refined and sausage making has now come to be a distinct and highly respected culinary art form.

What you’ll need for sausage making

Sausages are made from ground meat and organ parts mixed with spices and other raw ingredients which are then stuffed into casings and exposed to extreme temperature conditions and curing schedules.

Since you’ll be working mostly with ground meat parts, a basic gadget you will need is a meat grinder. You can choose a manual type if you’re making sausages for your personal consumption or go for a heavy duty or commercial grade meat grinder in case you’re looking to sell your sausages.

A food scale will also come in handy since you’ll be weighing meat parts and other ingredients. You’ll also need this if you will be packing and selling your sausages by weight.

A sausage stuffer is also indispensable and will make stuffing your ground meat mixture into casings quite a breeze. A sausage stuffer normally comes with a funnel kit which contains attachments that work with different sizes of sausage casings.

Next, it’s advisable to invest in a gas smoker if you want to achieve that distinctive smoky flavor associated with the finest-made sausages. Gas smokers usually run to around $300 to $500, depending on the size and capacity.

Other essential supplies and gadgets

In case you’ll be selling sausages as a business, you’ll need to pack your products properly. For this, you’ll require various meat packaging supplies such as meat freezer bags and butcher or freezer tape.  For those who intend to display and sell their sausages in a delicatessen, an electric food slicer is a must together with a vacuum sealer and vacuum sealing bags.

You’ll conveniently find all of these sausage making essentials available at a butcher supplies and equipment vendor and it’s quite easy to find one online. You can choose from a wide array of gadgets and supplies and have them delivered to your doorstep within days.

The best sausage makers are as serious and discriminating about their art as winemakers are in their winemaking endeavors. Sausages are very convenient food options that fit into our contemporary lifestyles both as an elegant choice for appetizers when entertaining guests or as a main course for quick and easy to fix meals.

The variety of sausages currently available number to around 250 and the majority of these are named after their country or town of origin.

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