Various types of flexible professional gloves

Gloves are very common thing. We all wear gloves especially in winter to protect our hands for snow and cold. In the places where condition is hot and sunny, people wear gloves to protect against sunburn and other to protect their skin from direct sun rays. But, professional gloves are quite different from these gloves as it is used for special kind of protection against germs in food and medical industry.

Latex glove:

Latex glove is made from natural rubber latex and is a processed plant product.  Latex gloves are very flexible with a consistent fit.  These gloves protect against infection and contamination.  These gloves are available in Powdered or Powder-Free, as well as General Purpose.  And that is why these gloves are very widely popular and used all over the world.


 Latex glove is made of synthetic material gloves are cheaper than other type of gloves. Latex gloves are generally more comfortable to wear than synthetic gloves, latex rubber-like nature allows gloves compared to synthetic materials more flexible and stiff. This flexibility of movement is more effective there must be flexible fingers, such as surgeons who need to conduct operations.

Vinyl Glove:

A vinyl glove is made from a synthetic material composed of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers that softens the material.  These gloves are allergy free and can be ideal alternative a latex glove if you have a latex allergy.  Vinyl gloves are a good glove for general use and activities that do not require the highest degree of physical precision.  Vinyl gloves generally looser fit.


Nitrile Glove:

A Nitrile glove is a synthetic glove which has similar character very much like rubber. Nitrile gloves are protein free and allergy free.  These gloves are a great option for people who have latex allergies.  These gloves are more durable than latex and vinyl and provide protection against petroleum-based products .

Polyethylene Food Handling Gloves:

This polyethylene gloves use mainly in hotels and restaurant where the cook and the waiter is needed to serve the food to customers without direct connection of their hand, however some people use this in their home for safety purpose.

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