Carbonless Paper- an environmental friendly option.

Carbonless paper (No Carbon Required- NCR paper) is a good environmental friendly alternative to carbon paper. The process of manufacturing a carbonless paper is very simple. It consists of 3 kinds of paper each with different combination of coatings. Top sheet is coated black, Middle sheet is coated on the front and back and bottom sheet is coated in the front. The coating comprises of tiny microcapsules containing colourless oil based dyes. When pressure is applied to the front of the sheet by pencil or a pen the capsules burst and dyes are released. The image is thus transmitted through all the 3 sheets on to the desired sheet.

Carbonless paper has become very popular with both large and small enterprises because it is cheap, easy to use and produces high quality duplicates. Since carbon paper is not discarded after each copy , it is an environmentally safe option. Carbonless paper has other applications too. They are used by artists take a backup of their sketches or drawings. These papers are used in high schools by students to create two copies of their work simultaneously. Doctor’s office, school forms, applications or any place where forms have to be filled, all use carbonless paper now a days.

The old methods which used carbon paper took up twice the space than that required for carbonless paper. Carbon paper had to be placed between two sheets of paper so that one can write on one and a copy is created on the second. It had its limitation of reusing. It was still reused but at the cost of diminishing quality each time thereafter. Later the carbon paper just needed to be discarded. This created a huge amount of paper waste. Carbonless paper reduced the waste drastically. Carbon paper printing smudged and stained both the paper and the hands. Carbonless papers give clean and crisp copy with no smudges. Carbonless papers can be bought from any business supply stores or office supply stores. Many ecommerce sites also deal in carbonless papers. One can get a better deal if buying in bulk. Customized forms can be printed on these papers at a nominal cost.

Big businesses are concerned at showing their environmental concerns. Use of carbonless paper is one such measure to label themselves such. It is an easy and inexpensive way for big businesses to do their part.

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