Price Label Guns to Generate Price Tags

Price Guns are generally used to create price tags for retail products. It is a highly essential thing for any retail industry in modern times. In the past few years, bar coding has become very common for almost all commodities sold over the counters. Although it is widespread, it is of no direct use to the customers. A bar coded product can only be deciphered using its reader. For knowing the price of any item, a clearly marked price tag is essential.

Price guns enable merchants to put the store name and logo on all products along with the price. This also has an added advantage of advertising too. The price label may remain on the product for weeks, months or years and has a potential of subtle advertising. Bar coded labels can also be done on products. This enables the retailers in inventory control and billing as well as retaining its branding feature. Some retailers also put the date of manufacture or expiry date on their labels. This helps customers know the perishable date of food items. Retail business in continuously evolving, but price gun labeling still remains the most viable solution to most.

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Manufacturers of auto parts, textiles, large multinationals to small corner shops on streets benefits by using price guns for every business. Any investment made in price guns is worth every penny. If your business requires labeling in bulk the size and weight of the gun becomes very important. A price gun that is light in weight and easy to use is any day better than a heavy one. As per requirement, there are various guns, which can print 1 line, 2 or 3 lines. The most basic price gun can print only one line. A slightly modified price gun has date lines. These guns also print time. Price guns generally used in super stores for labeling household items are slightly different from the ones used to generate price tags for clothes. Price guns print out labels, which adhere to the product due to the adhesive on the non-printed side of it. The same gun cannot be used for clothes tagging since it can spoil it.

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Price tag gun use needle to insert fasteners into the item being tagged. These fasteners have plastic price tag attached to them. Price guns and price tagging guns can be customized as per requirement. The material of the label or tag and the font and color of the print can be customized. Investing in a good pricing gun helps in boosting sales and helps manage inventory better. The only alternative to it is manual pricing which is tedious and time consuming.

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