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Introducing Mobile Printing Capability To Your Business Or Profession

Mobile printing could be one of the best technologies available for those whose businesses or professions constantly keep them on the move. In fact, for those who are on the road most of the time, mobile printers using thermal paper has really become imperative for their line of work. Take for instance the case of […]

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Vital Credit Card Supplies For Your Retail Business Transactions

If you’ve recently opened a retail business, pretty soon you will start accepting credit card transactions. In that case, you’ll have to make sure you have all the essential POS supplies on hand. Nothing worse could upset the smooth flow of your business operations than not having the supplies you need. Furthermore, your customers will […]

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Wireless Credit Card Processing: Stepping Up Your Retail Business

Day-to-day business operations in this era need to be flexible and versatile. Quick response time is an essential factor that matters to most consumers, and this is one reason why credit card processing has stepped up a notch to include wireless or mobile operations. Even where there are no phone lines available, wireless credit card […]

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Fundamental POS Supplies Every Business Should Keep

A point-of-sale system (POS) is an essential component of any retail enterprise; in fact, corporate personalities often refer to a POS as the brain of any business. Point of sale systems extend beyond just your credit card machine or your cash register, as they were once traditionally used. Recent versions of POS systems can actually […]

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Credit Card Imprinters for use in Business & Industry

Credit Card Imprinters are used at retail outlets and business establishments for obtaining an impression of a credit card following a sale. This transaction is recorded on a multi-part sales slip and a copy signed by the buyer is retained by the sales outlet. This article briefly describes credit card imprinters. Credit card imprinters are […]

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Introduction to Credit card thermal paper

A credit card thermal paper is nothing but a narrow thermal paper receipt issued by an ATM or a credit card machine. When a customer swipes his card against a magnetic reader of the credit card machine in order to avail cash, what follows it is a receipt stating details about the transaction. Once the […]

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